When is Lab Live?

Lab Live 2019 will be held at Bridgestone Arena’s Lexus Lounge in Nashville, Tennessee on January 21st and 22nd.

What are the daily start and stop times of the event?

Monday, January 21st from 8:30AM-5pm and Tuesday, January 22nd from 8:30AM-3:30pm.

How early should I arrive the first day to get registered?

The event starts promptly at 9am, so be sure to arrive at 8:30 am or earlier to find your seat and mingle! Doors open at 8am.

Where is the event being held?

The Lexus Lounge located inside the world-famous Bridgestone Arena! For more information on the Lexus Lounge, click here. For directions to the arena, please click here.

What is the dress code for the conference?

We don’t believe clothes make the person, so come dressed as professional or as comfortable as you’d like. We promise we’ll talk to you either way.

What hotels can we stay at?

The Omni Nashville is the official host hotel for Lab Live 2019. For hotel options in the Greater Nashville Area visit https://lablive2019.com/trip-planning/

Is there transportation from the airport to the hotel(s)?

Yes! Only if you’re staying at our host hotel, the Omni Nashville. Our friends at Signature Transportation got you covered, see the available rates here

What do I need to bring to get into the conference?

Yourself and your ticket!

Will P.K. Subban be there?

No, this is a conference. He’ll be in Vegas taking the Preds to victory over the Knights.

Who are the speakers at the event?

You’re in for a treat for this year’s event! Check out our Speakers page here

How many people will be at the event?

Over 250! Get here early for a good seat!

Will we be able to meet Bill?

Only if you can catch him… in between sessions. Bill will be mingling with the crowd and answering questions. Come up and say ‘hey’!

What days and how long will Bill Faeth be speaking?

Both Monday and Tuesday! But the real focus is on our featured speakers! Check them out here!

Who makes the best hot chicken in Nashville?

Tourists and non-locals will say Hattie B’s, but us natives know the OG is Prince’s.

What if I lose my ticket/badge?

No worries! We’ll have a master list at the event! Just tell us your name at the entry and you’re in!

Can I sit next to my friend/associate?

Of course!

Will the Titans make the AFC Playoffs again this year?

Of course! And we would have made it to the Super Bowl last year if it wasn’t for those pesky Patriots!

Is there a discount available if I buy multiple tickets?

No, but keep an eye out for single ticket deals

What is the ticket refund policy?

Unfortunately due to the extremely limited seating capacity we are not able to issue refunds for purchased tickets. However they are transferable to so you can resell them, but you must notify us of whom you sold your ticket(s) to so we can update the attendee list. If you transfer a ticket please let us know by emailing us at support@limogrowth.com